Visiting Girona - What to See and Do

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Girona stepped into the tourism spotlight several decades ago, predominantly as a day-trip adventure from the Catalonian capital, Barcelona. Today, the sights and sounds of the city have led to increased tourism activity, with many travellers opting to soak in the tremendous sights of the city over several days. The medieval influences dominate the scenery of the cityscape, offering a surplus of attractions for tourists.

With sightseeing splendours like the Girona Cathedral, ancient fortifications and walls, numerous churches and a reinvigorated Jewish Quarter, it is not surprising that the city and its Girona Costa Brava Airport have both grown markedly over the last decade. The fact that Ryanair uses this superb Spanish city as a major hub speaks volumes about the regional tourism potential.

A festive culture is also on display throughout the streets of the city. At night, the many nightclubs and bars soon begin to fill up. Some venues don't even close on the weekends. Of course, football is also widely adored by locals. Therefore, a trip to the local stadium to watch Girona FC battle it out against other Spanish Division Two teams is recommended.

Ten things you must do in Girona

  • It is possible for tourists to actually walk along the top of the medieval City Walls. Formerly used as an important protection feature for Girona, today this landmark is a popular walking site, giving undisturbed views of the city. The entire length of the walls can be navigated on foot.
  • The 19th-century style Independence Square is one of Girona's most frequented attractions. In addition to the cafes and restaurants hovering around the square, the central spot is home to the Monument to Freedom. This edifice represents freedom from Napoleon Bonaparte after the Napoleonic Wars ceased. Sit by the square, sip a traditional local coffee and simply take in the sights of this amazing landmark.
  • Tourists must sample the religious structures on display in the city, and the Collegiate Church of Sant Feliu is a great place to start. Boasting impressive 14th-century Gothic style architecture with modern elements, this church is mostly renowned for its prominent spire soaring into the sky. The spire of the church can be seen from most points across the city.
  • The city's cathedral is a classic example of Spanish Gothic architecture, luring many thousands of tourists each year. Despite its tombs and stunning interior, the cathedral of Girona is more renowned for its decorative and intricate front facade. However, this doesn't take away from the breathtaking beauty radiating from within this popular cathedral.
  • A sightseeing trip to the St. Pere de Galligants Church cannot be overlooked. If tourists are running short on time, then rearrange the itinerary to include this monstrous beauty. The Benedictine church is an imposing structure, built in the style of early Romanesque influence. It was originally constructed some time during the 11th century, standing strong for many hundreds of years.
  • Despite the fact that the Jewish culture in Spain was almost eradicated thanks to their expulsion from the country, the Catalan Jewish Museum is a rich and informative cultural centre. Find out everything there is to know about Girona's historical Jewish culture, and dive deeper into the Catalan region's religious influences.
  • The town's Jewish Quarter is a marvellous place to explore for an afternoon. There are several attractions hiding within the narrow streets of the district, including the Catalan Jewish Museum and the Centre Bonastruc ca Porta. However, perhaps the most enticing features of this area are the winding alleyways that make up the district. A taste of Spain's Jewish culture (which is almost extinct) can still be experienced here.
  • While holidaying in the city, golf enthusiasts can find several fantastic courses to swing the clubs. Golf Girona is one of the best courses for tourists and locals alike, being located to the north-west of the city centre. Many hotels in the city provide packages and transportation to the various golf courses around the city.
  • After the sun goes down, tourists can experience a whole different side to this city. Girona is home to a plethora of interesting nightlife venues, including local clubs called 'discoteca'. Some of the clubs require a cover charge. However, many clubs are quite affordable, so even budget travellers will be able to embrace the delightful night culture of the city.
  • Enjoying a football game while holidaying in the city is recommended. Even though the city is home to only a second division club, Girona still provides an exciting football atmosphere at home games. The local team, called Girona FC, plays home games out of the Estadi Montilivi stadium.

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